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    ** Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day **

    Ahoy me mateys! No longer must ye fetch d'olde standard compass for all ye treasure-hunting 'n wench-chasing needs. Let ayeCompass lead ye to ever greater bounties. Choose betwixt d' look of a treasure map and ye olde favorite, the Jolly Roger. Be mindful that this compass hast been through grog-filled adventures which will explain the blood stains from many a slain pirate. May better fortune shine upon ye own voyages.

    *** Land-lubbers beware, ayeCompass be only for the iPhone 3GS. D' iPod Touch and other iPhones wit no magnetometer be not working. If ye find the compass be acting erratic like Johnny Depp, thee may be cursed. D'best antidote be to wave it in a figure 8, a number favored by Davey Jones himself. ***

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