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    BariStaR is a super simple, yet absolutely addicting game that puts you in the role of a Barista.

    Do you have what it takes to make a Latte as fast as you do a Mocha Soy Ice Blend? If you can thrive in this demanding environment, you will be rewarded handsomely with tips galore!

    Touch and drag the coffee cup to the right ingredients for each order and get it back to the customer. The faster you get the order done, the more tips you will receive!

    Game Features:
    • Online scoreboard and Twitter/Facebook integration with AGON Online (Internet connection required).
    • 13 different achievements to unlock.
    • 31 different drink variations.
    • Listen to your own music while playing.
    • Normal and Hard modes.
    • Tip multipliers (think Tap Tap Revenge or Rock Band stars).

    Game Tips:
    • Touch the order to see the drink recipe.
    • You must use the ingredients in the correct order.
    • Use a light touch when touching and dragging drinks.
    • Memorizing the drink recipes will make it a lot easier to get the drinks out on time and result in higher tips.
    • There's a secret way to quickly dump your cups without dragging to the sink..

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