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    Boot Camp: Drill Instructor Coach

    Ok, maggots, listen up! Itís time to get back to basics - basic training that is! For those who need the extra motivation or a kick in the pants to run faster, harder, and longer, this is the app for you. Set your goal pace, press start and real-life Marine Corps Drill Instructor Jim ďthe D.I.ĀEDevito will tell you exactly he thinks of you and your run. Start to fall behind and he will chew your ass. Catch up and he might just chew your ass some more. Brought to you by the creators of the hit run tracking app Jog Log, Boot Camp is designed to be simple and easy to use and is perfect for military members or recruits.. or those who just want to run like one.


    • Metric or imperial units.
    • GPS signal strength meter.
    • Background mode enabled with iOS4 (only on iPhone 3GS and 4).


    • DailyMile integration allows you to share your runs with 150,000 other runners.
    • Automatically post your run stats and/or a map of your run with FaceBook and Twitter instantly.


    • Time elapsed.
    • Distance traveled.
    • Average pace (min/mile or min/km) or speed (mph or kph).
    • Current pace or speed.
    • Calorie counter.
    • Elevation.
    • Target/Ghost pace - how far ahead/behind you are.


    • Can be displayed during run.
    • Saved for post-run analysis.
    • Distance markers and split times.
    • Utilizes Open Street Maps so if there is a problem with the map, you can fix it yourself (see http://www.openstreetmap.org).


    • Choose songs, podcasts, or playlists in-app to play at the start of your run.
    • Set music to play according to what interval is running.
    • Pause or change tracks during your run in-app.
    • Resume your playlist even if you exit the app and return (only for playlists selected in app).


    • Distance.
    • Average/current pace.
    • Target/Ghost pace.
    • Music will pause during voice cues so you don't miss a beat.


    • Prevents accidentally pausing or stopping the tracking mid-run.


    • Conserves battery power.
    • Touch the screen to re-engage brightness.


    • Shows time, distance, pace/speed, splits data, calories burned, and map of the run route.
    • Chart display of your speed/pace and elevation profile.
    • Summary run total data.
    • Manually add run or treadmill data.
    • Easy bulk CSV export of your run data.
    • GPX route export.
    • Multiple split break-downs.
    • Share maps via email.
    Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    iPhone 3G users: Boot Camp does NOT automatically lock, you only need to touch the screen to re-engage it. If you press the home button, the app will exit, but you can resume your run if you start it again.