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    Cycle Log

    Want to ride better, smarter, and faster? Whether you are just a beginning rider or a veteran racer, Cycle Log is the all-in-one fitness solution that will take you and your ride to the next level!

    Get the only app in the App Store with GPS mapping, interval timers, voice cues, ANT+ sensor integration*, syncing to both DailyMile and RunKeeper, and Game Center integration!

    Have all the functions and more of an expensive Garmin bike computer using your GPS-enabled iPhone at a tiny fraction of the cost.

    Experience your ride, run or walk the way you want it!

    GPS tracking of all your runs

    • Metric or imperial units
    • GPS signal strength meter
    • Accelerometer and GPS based auto-pause
    • Background mode enabled with iOS4 (only on iPhone 3GS and 4)

    Map display

    • Can be displayed during ride
    • Saved for post-ride analysis
    • Distance markers and split times
    • Find more bike paths with OpenCycleMap (see http://www.openstreetmap.org)

    ANT+ sensor support

    • Heart rate strap supported*
    • Bike speed/cadence/power/footpod sensors supported*
    • Distance markers and split times
    • * Requires WahooFitness fisica sensor.

    Tracked data displays

    • Completely customizable swipe to switch displays
    • Both portrait and landscape modes supported
    • Time elapsed or time countdown
    • Distance traveled
    • Average pace (min/mile or min/km) or speed (mph or kph)
    • Current pace or speed
    • Current interval countdown
    • Calorie counter
    • Elevation
    • Heart rate (requires Wahoo Fitness fisica sensor and ANT+ strap)
    • Estimated finish time for a target distance and distance countdown
    • Ghost pace - how far ahead/behind you are
    • Custom wallpaper

    Voice cues

    • Cues for each interval timer
    • Manual volume control
    • Distance & duration
    • Clock time
    • Halfway point
    • Average/current/interval/split pace
    • Heartrate
    • Ghost pace
    • Music can be paused or ducked for audio cues

    Multiple activity types

    • Includes: Cycling, Running, Walking & Swimming
    • Plus, add an unlimited number of more activity types using METs

    Social media

    • Sync workouts with RunKeeper, the largest fitness community around - 6 million strong
    • DailyMile syncing allows you to share your runs with 150,000+ other fitness enthusiasts
    • Automatically post your stats and a map of your run with FaceBook and Twitter instantly

    Custom workouts with interval timers

    • Set multiple intervals by time or distance (down to the second or yard)
    • Set the number of loops per workout
    • Ability to exclude your warm-up and cool-down from being counted in your stats

    Historical logs

    • Shows time, distance, pace/speed, splits data, intervals (if any), calories burned, and map of the run route
    • Profile graph of pace/speed/elevation/heart-rate
    • Summary data of your run totals
    • Manually add run or treadmill data
    • Easy bulk CSV export of your run data
    • GPX/TCX route export
    • Multiple split break-downs
    • Share maps via email

    iPod integration

    • Choose songs or playlists in-app to play at the start of your run
    • Set songs or playlists to play according to what interval is running
    • Pause or change tracks during your run in-app
    • Resume your playlist even if you exit the app and return (only for playlists selected in app)

    Game center

    • Accomplish 29 goals and achievements with the first ever Game Center integration for a fitness app

    Slide to pause

    • Slider prevents accidentally pausing or stopping the tracking mid-run

    Automatic screen dimming

    • Conserves battery power
    • Touch the screen to re-engage brightness