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    Jog Log

    Want a better workout and a better and healthier you? Whether you are just a beginning walker or an advanced marathoner, Jog Log is your all-in-one fitness solution!

    Get the only app in the App Store with GPS mapping, interval timers, voice cues, ghost pace, heart rate monitor integration, Couch to 5k plan and DailyMile syncing.

    Have all the functions and more of an expensive Garmin watch using your GPS-enabled iPhone at a tiny fraction of the cost.

    Experience your run, walk or ride the way you want it!

    Multiple activity types

    • Includes: Running, Walking, Cycling & Swimming
    • Plus, add an unlimited number of more activity types using METs

    Custom workouts with interval timers

    • Set multiple intervals by time or distance (down to the second or yard)
    • Set the number of loops per workout
    • Ability to exclude your warm-up and cool-down from being counted in your stats

    GPS tracking of all your runs

    • Metric or imperial units
    • GPS signal strength meter
    • Background mode enabled with iOS4 (only on iPhone 3GS and 4)

    Tracked data displays

    • Swipe to switch displays
    • Both portrait and landscape modes supported
    • Time elapsed or time countdown
    • Distance traveled
    • Average pace (min/mile or min/km) or speed (mph or kph)
    • Current pace or speed
    • Current interval countdown
    • Calorie counter
    • Elevation
    • Heart rate (requires Wahoo Fitness fisica sensor and ANT+ strap)
    • Estimated finish time for a target distance and distance countdown
    • Ghost pace - how far ahead/behind you are
    • Custom wallpaper

    Social media

    • DailyMile syncing allows you to share your runs with 150,000+ other runners
    • Automatically post your run stats and a map of your run with FaceBook and Twitter instantly

    iPod integration

    • Choose songs or playlists in-app to play at the start of your run
    • Set songs or playlists to play according to what interval is running
    • Pause or change tracks during your run in-app
    • Resume your playlist even if you exit the app and return (only for playlists selected in app)

    Voice cues

    • Cues for each interval timer
    • Manual volume control
    • Distance & duration
    • Clock time
    • Halfway point
    • Average/current/interval/split pace
    • Heartrate
    • Ghost pace
    • Music will pause during voice cues so you don't miss a beat

    Historical logs

    • Shows time, distance, pace/speed, splits data, intervals (if any), calories burned, and map of the run route
    • Profile graph of pace/speed/elevation/heart-rate
    • Summary data of your run totals
    • Manually add run or treadmill data
    • Easy bulk CSV export of your run data
    • GPX/TCX route export
    • Multiple split break-downs
    • Share maps via email

    Slide to pause

    • Slider prevents accidentally pausing or stopping the tracking mid-run

    Automatic screen dimming

    • Conserves battery power
    • Touch the screen to re-engage brightness

    Here are a few examples of how you can use Jog Log:

    • You are training for a marathon and want to see an estimated finishing time at your pace. Set the target distance to 26.2.
    • Trying for a new PR? Set the target pace and voice cues will help you break that record.

    Tips and Tricks:

    • Turn off wifi to improve your GPS signal and battery life.
    • Keep a clear line of sight to the sky for the best GPS accuracy.