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    nCompass is a fully-featured compass that will serve your every compass need - whether you are just trying to find your way back to your car, you are part of a search and rescue team looking for a lost child, or even if you are a military forward observer about to call in an artillery fire mission or F-18 air-strike.


    Your location can be displayed in a multitude of coordinate systems:
    • Latitude/Longitude (in Degrees:Minutes:Seconds, Degrees:Decimal Seconds, and Decimal Degrees formats)
    • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
    • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
    • US National Grid (USNG)
    • Google map

    • True North
    • Magnetic North
    • Custom North (can be set to current location or a location chosen from the map

    Customizable Compass Face
    • You may choose any picture from the camera roll or take a new picture and use it as the face of your compass. Perfect for putting your organization logo or a picture of your favorite person.

    Potential Uses:
    • You want to be able to know what direction you are going in your car and also want to be able to see a picture of your loved one at the same time. Mount the iPhone to your car windshield and set the compass face to your favorite picture.
    • You are going to an amusement park and have just parked your car in a huge lot with thousands of other cars. Set your custom north to your current location and the compass will always point you back to exactly where your car is.
    • A child is lost in the woods and your search and rescue unit is tasked to comb a certain quadrant. Use the UTM coordinate feature and compass to ensure you are exactly where you need to be.
    • You are in the mountains of Afghanistan and discover a Taliban stronghold. Use the true North compass directions and your location in MGRS format to call in a polar fire mission or air-strike.

    ** This app is designed only for the GPS-enabled iPhones 3G/3GS. **

    If you are unsure about your iPhone's capabilities, you can test out its functionality with our free basic compass app, ayeCompass.

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